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General Assembly of the Harvard Club Switzerland

on the 28 September 2021

in Zurich at 11:45am. Information here.


«As women, we have an important history of raising our voices together in solidarity for rights and respect in this nation. As Harvard women, we are leaders in our respective circles and feel the mandate to lead. Solid leadership can inspire enduring change».

ANHW Statement on Ending Inequality, 13 June 2020; complete version here.

A nice memory of our first networking night, Bern, 15.09.21


Alumnae-i Network for Harvard Women (ANHW)

Website: http://www.harvardwomensig.com/



In 2013, a group of Radcliffe and Harvard alumnae founded the Alumnae-i Network for Harvard Women (ANHW) with the intent of connecting students, alumnae, faculty and administrators from all Harvard schools.


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