Qudsia Huda

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We are proud to present Dr. Qudsia Huda from Bangladesh, a health emergency and disaster management expert, a physician by training, and an accomplished writer, poet, painter and singer, and an ANHW CH member. She has completed her masters from the Harvard School of Public Health in Population and International Health and was one of the inaugural graduates of the Humanitarian Studies Initiative of Harvard, Tufts, and MIT.

During her 24 years of experience in the humanitarian field Dr Huda has held several executive leadership positions in multiple offices of the World Health Organization (WHO) in South Asia, Middle East & North Africa and Headquarters in Geneva. Among her most impactful humanitarian assignments were the Bam and Zarand earthquakes in Iran, Indian Ocean tsunami, Pakistan earthquake and flood, crises in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Zika, Ebola virus disease outbreaks and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Before joining WHO, Dr. Huda worked as a medical faculty member of Sir Salimullah Medical College under Dhaka University, and as the Coordinator of the Bangladesh Centre for Health Emergency Preparedness and Response under the Ministry of Health, Bangladesh.

Dr. Huda has led several operational researches in emergencies and disasters, and has authored and co-authored multiple books, chapters, and articles on various aspects of disaster management and health.  She has also written several literary books and is a regular contributor to various national and international publications. She is a regular speaker at international conferences and events which includes the Global Platforms for DRR, 4th Eastern Economic Forum, 10th European Public Health Conference, the WADEM Virtual Forum 2021, and the 8th Annual Health Safety and Environment in Energy Forum.

Currently Dr. Huda is the Head of the Disaster Risk Management and Resilience Unit in the Health Emergency Program of the WHO Headquarters and the WHO Global Focal Point for Disaster Risk Reduction.  She is married to an architect and a mother of two wonderful and accomplished daughters.

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